At U.S. Bank, we believe that every person deserves the right to dream, believe and achieve. The building blocks that made our country great – a stable job, a home to call your own and a community connected through culture, recreation and play – continue to be at the heart of possibility for all of us. At U.S. Bank, we invest our time, resources and passion to build and support vibrant communities that allow every person to work toward their possible.

How do we bring this commitment to life with 67,000 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers and community members across our 25-state footprint? Two words: road trip!

We wanted to bring our commitment to community and service to life and to pay it forward.  So we developed a new way to volunteer… a first of its kind volunteer relay. The Community Possible Relay will be a wave of volunteerism that will spread across the country – passed from city to city – with U.S. Bank volunteers at the heart of it all. The centerpiece of the relay will be a larger-than-life mobile baton that represents U.S. Bank’s dedication to revitalizing communities and drives our greater call-to-action.

The mobile baton is a really cool coach bus wrapped with a Community Possible message that will ensure that it gets noticed whether it is parked at an event or driving down the highway. The baton will be manned by two U.S. Bank team captains with a passion for philanthropy: Dixcy Sulistyo and Jibreel Black. And we can’t forget their dedicated driver, John Matthews, who will guide them as they travel nearly 12,000 miles across America, visiting 38 communities in 25 states and mobilizing volunteers to help make our communities even stronger. Our goal will be to involve 153,000 volunteers nation-wide, representing 1,000 people for each year of U.S. Bank’s history.

Most importantly, we will bring people together. Our mobile baton will travel from city to city, passing along the spirit of connectedness and belonging through volunteerism.

There will be many ways for communities and individuals to participate. We will be issuing challenges, inviting people to share stories, and encouraging people to involve others in this exciting, unprecedented national event.

Our journey started at the Orange County Marathon, April 29-May 1. To see where we’re headed next, be sure to follow us on U.S. Bank’s social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Share your own relay moments with #CommunityPossible.

Keep an eye out for the mobile baton and Dixcy, Jibreel and John in a city near you!

- - -

Reba Dominski is the Minneapolis-based senior vice president of corporate social responsibility at U.S. Bank, and president of the U.S. Bank Foundation. She's the U.S. Bank Coach for community engagement.

Posted: May 2, 2016